Kongresono 2019 | 18-20 October | Kraków, Dolnych Młynów 10

Kongresono 2019 | 18-20 October | Kraków, Dolnych Młynów 10

Mail: kongresono2019@autistici.org

The Fourth Anarchist Congress is before us, this time in Kraków! Kongresono is one of a kind event on the anarchist map of Poland. Three days full of workshops and lectures give their participants a chance to exchange views, experiences and skills among like-minded people who share the ideas of equality, freedom and sisterhood.

Polish Kongresono is organized bottom-up. If you wish to take part in it, you could propose your own lecture, panel discussion, workshop, happening, screening (or anything else that comes to your mind) or just come by! To propose lecture send us a message or an e-mail.

Inform. Invite. Discuss. Collaborate. Act.

Come and bring your friends with you!

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