1st MAY DEMO | Working People’s Day

Working People’s Day

1.05. 2017
pl. Jana Pawła II (formely 1 Maja)

Come and join us in celebrating 1st May! By returning to the original meaning and ideals that this date represents, we refer to the long tradition of workers’ movements. Although it has been over 100 years since the beginning of the struggle for such fundamental rights as 8-hour workday, they are still being breached. On that day we shall manifest workers’ pride and call for self-organisation and solidarity.

March route:
pl. Jana Pawła II – Kazimierza Wielkiego – Szewska – Grodzka – Most Uniwersytecki – Drobnera – Łokietka – pl. Św. Macieja

The demonstration accompanies the 3rd Anarchist Congress KONGRESONO.

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