We are adding new events to the programme. After the demo we are having a party!
Where? CRK – Centrum Reanimacji Kultury | ul. Jagiellończyka 10 C/D
When? 20:00
How much? 15 PLN

Berlin band Balg brings their version of polyrhythmic psychosis. Unpredictable guitar patterns, downtuned heavily, with precise drums engulf the entire nervous system and mercy of gloomy disharmony. Staged rhytm with minimalistic samples and dreary female vocals which speak penetrating industrial mood takes everybody outside perception of the known world.

Emma Zunz [PL]
Hailing from Wrocław, Rafał Jęczmyk took the name for his music project from the title protagonist of Jorge Luis Borges’s story – a short, only a few pages’ seemingly simple tale of vengeance. For nearly seven decades, the story has been giving sleepless nights to literature researchers and readers, still reinterpreting it over and over, and following different clues. So is Emma Zunz music – seemingly simple yet in fact complex and drawing on many sources. This is beat-driven electronic music with an industrial feel, far from abstraction and experimentalism but narrative in its character and rooted in the past. The melodies are simple and the pad sounds are thick and multidimensional. Vintage-mindedness, pastiche and hauntology underpin the concept where one can find numerous references to areas outside music, such as literature, film and art. Some, pointing to the strong rhythm base of Emma Zunz’s pieces, tag the project’s music using the term techno, but even if it can be labelled like this – it’s a sort of techno music that is by far more suitable for listening than dancing.

Inner Vision Laboratory [PL]
Inner Vision Laboratory is a project of Karol Skrzypiec. The coming into existence of the plan is falling for March 2005. Stylistically it is the kind of dark industrial ambient, however in the discography to find it is also possible elements of the folk music, of classical music etc. His albums were released by Rage In Eden, Zoharum, No Angels Productions, Beast Of Prey. The project on next publications evolved from straight experiments to the widely comprehended illustrative music and conceptual. Works are arising based on sounds of synthesizers, grand piano, field recordings and samples.

Purgist [PL]

For almost a decade, Dawid Kowalski has been active in Polish noise scene, performing as Purgist since 2013. Kowalski is known for many lively gigs, at which he has shared the stage with such artists as Vilgoć, XV Parówek, Zenial, Maaaa, Raionbashi, Whitehouse, Burial Hex, Keranen and many others.
Purgist is a harsh noise kept in cut-up stylistics, focused on exploration of dynamic, restless sound textures, urban field recordings and residual melodics. It is a fast, abstract construction scattered across the stereophonic panorama. It is a nostalgic and depressing mood, interrupted by short eruptions of furious aggression. Start, freeze, loop, stop. Purgist is an accelerated sound kaleidoscope.

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